1. Lora taught me an incredibly easy way to control my ejaculations and circulate sexual energy. It was so much easier than the techniques I'd been exposed to before, and it really worked!
    L. McGill, author, "The Ninja Lover's Training Manual", SC, USA
  2. I have been studying Tantric ways for decades and was amazed at how Lora's Taoist approach was so eye-opening and her techniques about assisting to keep the sexual energy within the body. She has a real gift to assist people with her methods. Thank you very much and it was an honor to have met you.
    Rich Heart Wonder, author, "Merging With Mystery", Hawaii, USA
  3. "I scheduled a session with Lora because at times things were fine, but other times I experienced erectile difficulties. The morning following our first session, things were "in the up position"! It hasn't happened since when I was in my twenties (I am 55 now). Then, the next morning, it happened again, and then again, every day this week. Lora has a unique gift to help a lot of men!"
    Billy N., North Carolina, USA
  4. I have experienced the blessing of receiving Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai from Lora many times over the last few months. Each session brings forth the numerous benefits of releasing the energetic and physical tension or stress within the visceral/abdominal tissues. Being a therapeutic bodyworker for 20+ years, professionally I only choose to work with the most skilled professional practitioners, and I definitely highly recommend Lora for such.
    Peter L., Tampa, Florida
  5. Thank you so much for all the coaching you've given us! My wife worked on me some during the afternoon break yesterday, and then again later that evening. And I must say that I was able to feel the sexual energy rise up like you were describing. I am sure the more I practice, the better I'll get. You taught us a whole lot more than what we learned during this whole Tantric retreat, from the other masters! We are very grateful to have met you!
    Craig and Lisa, Quebec, Canada
  6. I had a great opportunity learning from Lora! I studied Tantra yoga and wanted to get information on Tao practices. Reading books gave me partial understanding of concepts and techniques. Lora showed me how Tao practices work and how I can generate and restore the energy in my body. The process was easy with Lora's instructions. I was able to learn fast. I highly recommend Lora as a talented teacher and spiritual guide.
    Victoria M., Massachusetts, USA
  7. Lora! Thanks for Sunday. I've had a nice smile and spring in my step all week!
    Sam G., North Carolina, USA
  8. Although I have been studying and teaching the Tao for many years now, I haven't had much luck in teaching myself the multi-orgasmic practices from the books. Lora helped me to experience new sensations, something I haven't been able to feel with my girlfriend. I don't know how she manages to do it, it was an awesome experience for me. My lover is very pleased with my new skills! I recommend Lora's training to all guys who want to step up their game!"
    Aidar Yusupov, Moscow, Russia
  9. I was very comfortable in my session with Lora, as she had a calm presence. I liked her pace, not moving in too fast. I felt supported and encouraged by Lora to release my held tension.
    Shannon Williams, San-Francisco, California
  10. As a practitioner in the field of mind/body medicine for many years, every now and then someone comes along with special healing skills that set them aside from others in the field that garners my attention. Such is the case with Lora Al-Awar who has trained with an elite Taoist group in Thailand in a rare and specialized genital detox bodywork called Karsai Nei Tsang, Having benefited personally by her gentle and compassionate mastery of this rare procedure that shifted my pain threshold into healing mode, I am intrigued with a wellness art that should be taught to bodyworkers throughout the world.
    Edwin Riley, Ph.D. Mind/Body Medicine and Integrative Healthcare, West Palm Beach, Florida
  11. During the Karsai bodywork, Lora made me feel very comfortable, and I felt respected at all times. The feeling I had during the session was a small discomfort in the testicles that goes up to the kidneys. At a certain moment a large amount of energy in the form of heat reached my head. After the massage, the general feeling was of lightness, as if a great amount of weight had been removed from me. That feeling of lightness went all the way up to the neck. I could feel myself walking more upright. It is a very advisable massage, not only to treat ailments, but also to prevent major ills in the future.
    Angel Perez, terapeuta, Tenerife, Spain
  12. I have always been into sports, spirituality and personal growth and went to many workshops and seminars around the world. However the whole time I felt tired & exhausted, my energy was being drained. Lora was a gift from Heaven & an answer to my prayers. She is a true Magician who works on all levels: mental, emotional and physical. She did Chakra Cleansing and Aura Healing, shifted my belief system, and worked a miracle on my body with exotic Tok Sen traditional therapy. Lora is a true messenger sent to planet Earth. Don't hesitate and schedule a session with her: you'll be glad you did!
    Aliya Segizbayeva, Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates