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Tantric Couples Coaching
   3 hours

Learn exotic Tantric practices of lovemaking, and transform ordinary sex into a loving meditation that can last for many hoursThese sacred chamber arts originated in ancient China and India and were only accessible to king's wives and concubines. 
Discover how to:
✅  Improve your vitality and health and achieve healing, rejuvenation and longevity, and age reversal
✅  Avoid prostate problems and female genital health issues
✅  Multiply your energy and get less sleep
✅  Cultivate, circulate and store sexual energy and transform it into life force energy
✅ Use non-ejaculation as natural birth control

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Couples Therapy Weekend Retreat

You might ask yourself:

— “Do I have sexual dysfunction that is hindering my ability to have a satisfying sex life?”
— “Does my sexual energy happen to be out of balance now? Is my libido out of wack?”
— “Is it possible that my old sexual traumas are interfering with my ability to have good sex or true                        intimacy?”
— “How do I come out of a manipulative or abusive relationship?”
— “How can I learn more about my body and the possibilities for heightened sexual pleasure?”
— “Am I craving sensual touch in a way that I am not getting in my life right now?”
— “How can I become more spiritual through sexuality?”
— “How do I find techniques to deepen intimacy with my existing or future partner?”
— “Who do I talk to about a particular sexual technique or a particular sexual experience?”
— “Do I have patterns of relationship or partner selection that are leaving me with unfulfilling                                  relationships?”
— “How can my partner and I re-learn our patterns of relating sexually to be more fulfilled in our                            relationship?”
If you answered "yes" to some of these questions, the "Couples Therapy Weekend Retreat" is for you!

Couples Therapy Weekend Retreat
2 days

Whether you call it sensual healing, Tantric healing, tantric coaching, sexual healing or intimacy coaching, it can be a challenge to find the right practitioner.

During this 2-day Couples Therapy Weekend Retreat with Lora, you will free yourself from limiting beliefs, further intimacy with your partner and immerse yourself into practices for spiritual awakening. ​​These Tantric trainings are easy to incorporate into daily life and are immediately adopted by the clients.
You will also learn  how to:
✅   Perform the best Lingam and Yoni Massage techniques to please your lover,
✅   Master Non-ejaculation and Semen Retention techniques,
✅   End Premature Ejaculation once and for all,
✅   Use non-ejaculation as natural birth control,
✅   Become a multi-orgasmic couple and enjoy lovemaking for many hours at a time!​
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What clients say:

"Thank you so much for all the coaching you've given us! My wife worked on me some during the afternoon break yesterday, and then again later that evening. And I must say that I was able to feel the sexual energy rise up like you were describing. I am sure the more I practice, the better I'll get. You taught us a whole lot more than what we learned during this whole Tantric retreat, from the other masters! We are very grateful to have met you!"

Craig and Lisa, Quebec, Canada

 "I've had a great opportunity learning from Lora! I studied Tantra yoga and wanted to get information on Taoist practices. Reading books gave me partial understanding of concepts and techniques. Lora showed me how Tao practices work and how I can generate and restore the energy in my body. The process was easy with Lora's instructions. I was able to learn fast. I highly recommend Lora as talented intimacy coach and Tantric teacher."

Victoria M., Massachusetts, USA