Energy Healing

Chakra Clearing & Balancing
2~hour session

Chakra Clearing & Balancing plus Aura Healing Session* has a holistic approach to energy healing. It encompasses mental, emotional, and physical aspects.

Learn how to "mechanically" clean out the chakras, dissolve the supporting belief systems that keep the status quo of the physical condition, and install a new mind pattern to create a healthy body, positive emotions and happy life situations. 

Find out why it's important to:

- Banish entities attached to your chakras;
- Un-hook yourself from space civilizations that drain life force energy and steal your potential; 
- Free yourself from the dark channels;

- Release the deceased people from your aura;
- Release all aborted babies from your energy field (even if you are a man but consented to an abortion at some point in your life);
- Renounce negative emotions that rule your life;

- Do away with harmful habits such as smoking, alchoholism, drug abuse, and unhealthy sex addictions
Learn how to keep your aura pure and intact to ensure wellbeing on all levels!

*Phone or skype audio sessions ​​

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What clients say:

"I have always been into sports, spirituality and personal growth and went to many workshops and seminars around the world. However the whole time I felt tired & exhausted, my energy was being drained. Lora was a gift from Heaven & an answer to my prayers. She is a true Magician who works on all levels: mental, emotional and physical. She did Chakra Cleansing and Aura Healing, shifted my belief system, and worked a miracle on my body with exotic Tok Sen traditional therapy. Lora is a true messenger sent to planet Earth. Don't hesitate and schedule a session with her: you'll be glad you did!"

Aliya Segizbayeva, Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"Lora has  a very grounding presence and you instantly feel at ease once you start working with her. We went on to work on every chakra individually and Lora showed deep knowledge and understanding what every chakra represents, is responsible for and how it may affect your life and health if is out of alignment. I learned so much about myself!
Everywhere where Lora saw the energy "being stuck” she did a clearing with intention and I did feel release in the body, I felt the energy starting to flow instantly!
What a beautiful and deep experience. I would highly recommend working with Lora."

Olga Kaplan, New York City, USA

"Hey Lora! I am still processing the "Chakra Clearing & Balancing" session from yesterday. A bit different energetically... I love the different way you presented this healing. Totally a new paradigm to work with. It shifted a lot for me. Thank you!"

Rebecca Herpick, Kentucky, USA