Lora Al-Awar is International Intimacy Advisor and Expert in Sexual Alchemy, as well as a Professional Holistic practitioner with experience in therapeutic bodywork, meditation, and ancient Taoist energy/longevity practices. She is a Healing Tao USA Instructor with thousands of satisfied clients all over the world.

Her global workshops, private sessions, and consultations awaken people to empower their lives through the mastery of personal health, wellness, sexual vitality, practices of conscious connection and sacred love.

Lora has a uniquely diverse background that includes Masters Degree in teaching English as a foreign language in her home city of Tomsk, Russia; studying various Taoist practices in Thailand and US; as well as studies in various forms of meditation and energy work, and a wide variety of therapeutic healing bodywork modalities.

As a Healing Tao USA Instructor and bodywork Practitioner, she has had extensive training and certifications by numerous legendary teachers, including Taoist Grand Master Mantak Chia, Michael Winn, Jutta Kellenberger, and Kun Ni.

Additionally, Lora is a highly sought after Holistic Practitioner for her Advanced Mastery Level 5- Chi Nei Tsang (Life Pulse Massage) and Kar Sai Nei Tsang expertise.

Her work across the globe integrates more than twenty years of experience into a series of simple but powerful practices designed to help awaken people all over the world to master their health, empower their lives, increase their sexual vitality, and experience the deep and lasting rewards of conscious intimacy.

Lora’s workshops include expert guidance in:

  • Whole-body conscious healing with Subtle Energy Work​
  • Medical Qi Gong to revitalize internal organs & sexual energy
  • Internal detox practices for optimum health
  • Guided wellness meditation for mind/body health & longevity